Город пятнадцати минут

После изучения проблем, с которыми сталкиваются современные города, учащиеся 2-го класса А и В вместе с преподавателем английского языка Анной АНТОНОВОЙ провели конференцию по проекту «Город пятнадцати минут». Ребята заново открыли для себя свои районы и попытались ответить на вопрос: может ли Москва быть городом пятнадцати минут? Тема вызвала бурные дискуссии. Больше информации на нашем padlet :  https://padlet.com/LFMenglish/15min


One of the topics that the students of 2nde studied this trimester was the 15-minute city project. They learned about the structure of such an urban model that cities are especially interested in since the covid-19 lockdowns. The main concept of a 15-minute city is the improvement of people’s easy access to their daily needs within a radius of a 15-minute walk or bike ride.

The task was to prepare a presentation about the idea of a 15-minute city in groups of 3 or 4 and then we had to think if the area where we live can be a 15-minute neighbourhood and illustrate to convince other classmates. The conference brought out several points of view and created disagreements, that were enthusiastically discussed during the process.

Sofya, 2A

I think that the 15-minute topic was quite relevant for us, because we never saw the city in this way and after this conference I would never see cities in the same way (I will always look if any of the critirea for the 15-minute city are present). 

Also I liked the wawe presented our presentations like if we were on a conference. 

Sebastian, 2A

I have many impressions after this project. We had debates after almost each presentation, and I liked it, I felt really like an urbanist at the important conference, even if I didn’t talk a lot. I also liked the moment when some of my “shy” classmates started to speak to uphold their point of view. 

The most unexpected result is that we could not reach a consensus, but at the same time it’s logical, because everyone is different.

Uliana, 2A

I really enjoyed this conference. It was very entertaining, I heard a lot of interesting thoughts and points of view on the implementation of the 15-minute city.

I think that this project is a solution that can be relevant now, even after the big waves of the pandemic.

The teamwork was a bit challenging, but I really liked my team and their creativity, so it wasn’t that difficult, I’m really glad I worked with them.

I’ve seen these problems of big cities before, but I never thought about solving these problems, and this conference gave me some answers.

I want to thank everyone who took part in the conference, I really enjoyed working with you!

Nadezda, 2B

Day 1: opening and presentation of the neighbourhoods

Day 2: discussion and conclusions