Dessin de la semaine

Nous continuons à suivre le projet des 6èmes « Drawing of the Week » lancé Mme RUPP-MOURAD professeur d’anglais.

Matvey (6C) :

« I use a style of my invention called ‘inklear graphic’ which consists in drawing imprecise lines to form a silhouette with a black marker, then adding coloured lines next to the border of the zone to be coloured (only colour the border, not the zone itself). The result is very abstract, but very cool! »

This is Elvin Vaness Ascor Grëy (EVA Grëy for short). A mysterious person that seems to come from another period of time. Light is distorted in his presence, making it impossible to identify him, or even his gender!

And this is Travis, a character of my manga « Draconids ». He has been Claimed « Smaggon’s* protected One » and has an incredible, but uncontrollable power.

Asmaa (6C):

Titre du dessin : Mother Nature

“Life is short and the world is wide” is the quote I have chosen because I feel like it goes well with the drawing: life is short because of the skeleton hand and the world is wide for the green, the plants and nature in general”.