We had a lot of fun~

Over the last three weeks, children were enthusiastic about accomplishing tasks in English EMILE classes. Additionally, I have noticed how they demonstrated their eagerness to explore new subjects and take on the challenges that come with each new year group.

For CP children, it is their very first English science class -“Day And Night”. They developed literacy from reading stories, singing songs and having hands-on activities.

We made not only the sun for day, but also the moon for night. Kids were fascinated by making the moon slime with glitters and sequins.

“ Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon. 5,4, 3, 2,1, Blast off!”

For CE2, students have been building up their English vocabulary as well as math skills of “Calendars” for several weeks. To sum up, children were asked to apply their English skills into daily life by making appointments with a range of designed working stations which provide them with more English oral practices. They rotated their roles every ten minutes.

Hair salon station

Pet salon station

Restaurant station

Dentist station


For CM2, we travelled around the world and got to know seven continents and five oceans for Geography Lesson-Imaginary lines. Besides, students have learned each climate zones of the world and time differences between countries.

At last, we ended up with our lessons by making globes.

To be continued…

IDF English teacher, Cherry Chang