Trick Or Treat

Highlight of Halloween- Trick or treat of IDF kicked off on the last school day before midterm break, we brought Halloween spirits into school. Students walked around the school, climbed up and down and stopped by some classes by shouting “TRICK- OR -TREAT”. They got very excited about Halloween and had expected for this big day for a very long time. A special mention for children’s fabulous efforts for dressing up, and they also had their bags ready for being filled with lots of candy.

CM1 students were ready for “ trick or treat .”

“Knock, knock, trick or treat?” said CE2 students, knocking the door of CP class.

“Trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something good to eat.” said CE2 students.

The second stop for CE2 class- They arrived at school library. Ms. Elena was busy giving out candy for our little ones.

CE2 students – Princess series

CE2 students-Witch series

CM2 class-Our big kids had trick-or treat in GS-CP class.

CM2 class-Are we scary?

CE1 students visited Ms. Isabelle’s CM2 class for trick or treat.

FLSCO teachers -Ms. Natasha and Ms. Françoise

“ Look, we’ve got a lot of candy inside our Jack-O-Lanterns, we can’t wait sharing with our brothers and sisters.” said CP kids.

Mr. Riss was playing tricks with CP kids.

We are witches, spidermen, vampires, Harry Potter, Pokemon, zombies…….

CE1 students-Spider girls, and Miss Wednesday.

CM1 class and Ms. Nathalie- We had a very good time!

Happy Halloween!

IDF English Teacher Ms. Cherry Chang